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Wild Monsoon Holidays, we believe in bringing a refreshing change to the way you discover Sri Lanka. Going beyond the sun, sea and sands to explore the hidden wonders of our island paradise in a whole new way. To take the roads less travelled, find places not often found, and the secrets of the seasons known only to the few who dare to experience them.

Founded by two avid traveller passionate about discovering the undiscovered, and with decades of expertise and leadership in the travel industry, Wild Monsoon Holidays are dedicated to bring innovative ideas to all the journeys we create - born from a deep insight and an in-depth knowledge of the country. Offering new perspectives, we will take you on journeys which are beyond the norm: Journeys that will stay with you, always.

As your own personal ‘travel curator’, we spend time to understand exactly what you hope your Sri Lanka experience should be – and help to make it happen.

For personalized tours and more information, write to us on info@wildmonsoonholidays.com

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